Righting a 10-Yr.- Old Wrong

By Jennifer Hanin, September 1, 2010

In its incessant efforts to delegitimitize and vilify Israel, much of the mainstream media has done its best to either ignore or twist facts, or just plain neglect to do its homework.  In 2000, the New York Times printed the picture of a bloodied Palestinian youth crumpled on the ground before a fierce, club-wielding Israeli soldier.

The “Palestinian youth”, in reality, was a Jewish student from Chicago who had suffered a severe beating at the hands of the Palestinians that day.  The club-wielding Israeli was his rescuer.  The New York Times, however, omitted facts “fit to print”,  but either by design or  failure to verify the source, presented a picture that would be “print to fit”‘ a particular agenda.

In the video below, two protagonists re-united for the first time since that day, ten years ago. HonestReporting provided the video, as well as facilitating the meeting at the request of the wife of Tuvia Grossman of Chicago, thet student who made the front page.

Since journalistic news is no longer the process of solely presenting the facts, no matter what side of an issue we support, we must be conscious of our sources and their respective agendas.

Enjoy the video:

(Video: Honest Reporting)

 Righting a 10 Yr.  Old Wrong
Jennifer Hanin

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