All Give and No Get?

By Adam Hanin, October 23, 2010
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The peace talks remain at a standstill as both parties try to find a way to return to the bargaining table. PM Netanyahu made a friendly overture, offering to extend the 10 month moratorium on neighborhood building in West Bank towns, in exchange for recognition from the Palestinians that Israel is a Jewish state. This offer was essentially met with scorn from Abbas, who seems to be continuing the Palestinian negotiation approach of NOT negotiating. History shows that Palestinian negotiators throughout the past 62 years have never conceded anything, while Israel has given concession after concession. Abbas: it takes give and get to achieve lasting peace.

Now the Palestinians are considering circumventing the peace process entirely, and simply asking the UN to recognize them as a sovereign state.

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Quote of the Day

“Just as the Palestinians expect us to recognize the Palestinian state as their nation-state, we can expect that they recognize the Jewish state as our nation-state,” PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Adam Hanin

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