Eye on the U.N.

By Jennifer Hanin, November 4, 2010
Jennifer Hanin

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  1. the un are so anti israel, they make me sick.the united nothings. you know there are two sides, the natural, and spiritual, now as if you need me to say,never theless, in the natural there like the tower of babel,over rated, over paid,and a complete waste of space.we know what happened to nimrod! now the spiritual side makes more sence , the world is getting darker, and darker.the one hope for all humanity is the coming of messiah, yeshua. he has been once,but the second time, he will deliever israel,and rule and reign from jerusalem. nothing goes unnoticed,he will deliver israel,as he did,from the egptians,the lord said,i will do war against the gods of egptian, he never changes,abraham issiac,jacob,an everlasting covernant.david sang praises to our god, the lord set ambushes.when you think all is to overbearing, praise the lord,and make room for him,he alone is enthroned upon the praises of israel, shalom.

  2. is gaza starving? no the people of gaza get more aid,than any other country. there leadership well they are a law unto themselves,half in the west bank,the rest in gaza,a house devided against itself cannot stand.things are going to change rapidly with the uprising in the middle east.the dictaters are falling,they have allready had an islamic revolution,so what next? a door is being opened up,not by human hands,but an ushering in of the white horse,the eternal gospel of jesus christ, the lord is coming back again soon,all will have the chance to hear the eternal gospel.we only know in part, but the revelation of jesus christ will come to those who call on his name,for salvation is found in no other name.there are lots of people clearly starving in the world,but there not in gaza,turned to the lord and be saved, shalom

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