Israel IS a Rogue State

By Adam Hanin, November 11, 2010
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Every so often, we hear of someone brave enough to stand up to certain hostility and state the truth. This past week in Cambridge, Gabriel Latner did just that – with Tony Blair’s Islamic convert and Palestinian supporting sister-in-law, Lauren Booth, at his side. Their task was to take the side in a debate at the Cambridge Union Society that Israel is a Rogue State. Latner argued his points brilliantly and won the debate – much to the consternation of his team members. His argument is important for everyone to read.

From Jewlicious:

A young man studying law in Cambridge, 19 year old Canadian Gabriel Latner, found himself debating at the Cambridge Union Society for the motion that Israel is Rogue State. He was placed on the “team” that includedLauren Booth, the ridiculous sister in law of Tony Blair who converted to Islam after a visit to that shining beacon of democracy and brotherly love,Iran, and who especially enjoys being photographed in Gazan supermarkets brimming with food although she publicly denounces Israel for starving Gazans.

Mr. Latner took the proposition for which he was arguing and proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that Israel is indeed a “rogue” state. He showed that it is a rogue state because it is a Jewish statein a world which has no other Jewish states, that it permits refugees from Sudan to enter while other states turn a blind eye, it speaks to and attempts to make peace with terrorists, its record on civil liberties stands strong in contrast with the region in which it exists and it has the courage to send official representatives to debate ridiculous motions like, say, its very legitimacy.

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It is a lovely speech that he gave and one that apparently won over the audience which we can fairly assume was predisposed to accept Israel as a “rogue” state. In the end, the audience voted against the proposition.

Subsequently, Mr. Latner was banned for life from the Cambridge Union Society by some hot-headed organizer. The reason was that Ms. Booth complained that Latner had spoken unpleasantly to her. Ms. Booth and Cambridge Union Society organizers should know that we, in the new world that is, call that “sour grapes.” Gabriel Latner is appealing the decision, and also suggesting that he wouldn’t want to belong to a club that wouldn’t have him as a member anyway.

Cambridge Union Society member or not, the young Mr. Latner has a bright future ahead of him. I’m certain he’ll also make an exceptional lawyer.

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 Israel IS a Rogue State
Adam Hanin

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