Give Peace a Chance

By Sharone Levinson, April 25, 2011

peace a chance 2 Give Peace a ChanceThe Jerusalem Post published a timely article today.  The article serves as a great reminder of an undisputed fact: Israel is a nation that is unequivocally committed to peace.  Historically, whenever Israel was presented with a chance for a lasting peace , the small nation accepted the offer, regardless of the painful concessions and risks that were involved.


This week marks the 29th anniversary for a time that marked Israel with a strange mixture of  deep sadness and jubilant hope.  Twenty nine years ago, Israel initiated its historic withdrawal from Sinai.  The fact that  Sinai represented more than 90% of the total territory Israel gained in the six day war is rarely mentioned.  It is also worthy to note that more than 7000 Israeli citizens were forcefully evacuated in the process.  For Israelis, the evacuees were not nameless. They were families and individuals who dedicated their lives for the Zionist dream.  They lived in Sinai to see to it that the vast desert will bloom.

Recent events in Egypt shine a different light on the concessions Israel made twenty nine years ago.  While Israel unanimously hopes for a Democratic and free Egypt, the fact is that no one knows what the outcome of the Egyptian revolution will mean for Israel and for the peace treaty. Even while Mubarak was at the helm, Sinai was the route that was successfully used by Iran and Hamas to smuggle weapons to Gaza.  One can only imagine the joy of  Hamas and Iran now that Sinai is marked with an unpredictable future.

The next time someone throws empty rhetoric about Israel’s supposed unwillingness to choose peace,  please share the events that took place in Israel only twenty nine years ago.  It is easy to talk about peace.  It is an entirely different matter to follow through. What happened in Israel twenty nine years ago speaks volumes about Israel’s commitment for peaceful co-existence with its neighbors.

Here is the link to the Jerusalem Post article:

Fundamentally Freund: Three decades of retreat

By  Michael Freund

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