Osama Bin Laden Dead2 300x225 Israels Enemies Show Theyre Enemies of America

It’s obvious where groups stand when they make  public statements denouncing an action. Well, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood did just that today when they condemned the US-led killing of Osama bin Laden, the founder of the jihadist organization, al- Qaeda, and mastermind of 9/11.

Hamas leader and de facto premier of the Islamic movement in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniya, told reporters in Gaza City that the US operation on Pakistani soil was:

“a continuation of the American policy of atrocities.”

Hmm. This is a strong anti-US statement for killing the most notorious terrorist who not only used his family’s wealth to plot terror, raise money and recruit young Muslims to terrorist training camps in Afghanistan but killed thousands of civilians on American soil in 9/11.

The Muslim Brotherhood went as far as to call Osama bin Laden a ‘Sheikh’ and condemned the way in which the US killed him. Then, the Brotherhood went on to hijack the word “terrorism” and replace it with “legitimate resistance.” Misuse of language becomes a slippery slope when radical groups hijack words meant to designate crimes and insert their own non-powder keg words. The outcome is a false narrative that does not reflect the facts. If you read the link above, you’ll see that the Brotherhood are calling for the United States, NATO and the European Union to end the “occupation” of Afghanistan and Iraq and recognize the rights of the Palestinian people.

This might be reasonable if it were true and there were no terrorist factions in Iraq, Afghanistan or areas surrounding Israel. But this is far from the case when you have lesser known terrorist fringes in all three along with al Qaeda, al Qaeda supported Mujahideen in Iraq, al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hamas and Hezbollah near Israel.

Hamas can try to paint themselves as moderates while they jointly announce their interim unity government with the Palestinian Authority. The Muslim Brotherhood can become a political party in Egypt while pushing the “democracy” button. But the world can read between the lies and figure out condemning the killing of Osama bin Laden shows what they really represent.

Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood clearly have no Western values when they support the most well-known jihadist in the world. Freedom and democracy does not even make their list. And they do not believe the mass assignation of 2,974 civilians and that of 19 hijackers in 9/11 was wrong. We cannot afford to close our eyes to groups that agree with terrorism but conceal their ideology under the threshold of “peace” or “democracy.” Once the Mubarak regime fell in Egypt, it became public knowledge that most Egyptians are anti-Israel and anti-US.

We cannot forget that the Brotherhood is directly linked to the assassination of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, and Hamas has shelled Israel with more than 12,000 rockets. Both parties continue to show their anti-western allegiance when they come out rooting for America’s #1 enemy.

What about the Palestinian Authority? To their credit, the PA welcomed the killing of Osama bin Laden. This brings up another bone of contention. How can the PA establish an effective an interim “unity” government with Hamas when they spout a completely different ideology? Hamas went on record saying they will not recognize Israel nor negotiate with the State of Israel. All Act For Israel can say is that words are cheap; its actions that count. Peace cannot come from groups that unite with other groups that spout anti-Western sentiments, condemn the killing of America’s number #1 enemy or call for revenge.

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