Palestinian “Naksa” Day

By Jennifer Hanin, June 5, 2011

“Naksa” Day means setback of the Palestinian people that accompanied Israel’s victory of the 1967 Six Day war. Yet, commemorating days like “Naksa” or “Nakba” continues to incite violence and hatred towards Israel and does little to bring peace and progress towards Palestinians. Clearly, peacemakers around the world would encourage tactics like this if these types of “commemorations” REALLY drove peace.

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Jennifer Hanin

0 Responses to Palestinian “Naksa” Day

  1. I will be joining this campaign right now! I’m glad I found you all! I thought I was alone. We must be intellectual and direct not emotion or rash or hasty actions. L’ ISRAEL.


  2. [...] we had “Nakba” day, now we have “Naksa” day. Yet do either move the peace process forward? In a word, no. In fact, both continue to fuel hatred [...]

  3. Kisba says:

    I don’t think questioning the Palestinian right to a state is helpful for our cause. All that is doing is making us look equal with those who deny Israel’s right to exist.

  4. [...] Israel acted in accordance with international law. Yet, there were some people on Twitter yesterday asking why Israel didn’t warn Syrians or set off tear gas before firing. Obviously, they did repeatedly. The image here shows the tear gas the IDF released after those rushing the border ignored verbal attempts to retreat. Syrian officials did NOTHING to stop their citizens from rushing the border fence, which again suggests they had a hand in it. Act For Israel spent most of yesterday getting the truth out. [...]

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