Coldplay STILL Needs to Do More

By Jennifer Hanin, June 6, 2011

Coldplay 300x216 Coldplay STILL Needs to Do More

by Jennifer Hanin

Act For Israel is pleased that the British rock band Coldplay – Twitter ID @coldplay – removed their “Freedom for Palestine” Facebook page. Once we learned about the band’s one-sided support for a people whose leadership has so often chosen terrorism over peace, Act For Israel went all out and not only blogged about it but also created Tweetable Talking Points about the band and their oddly placed support.

Those in the public eye have a responsibility to stand up for justice for all people. Act For Israel urges ALL celebrities and influencers to reconsider supporting terror regimes that seek Israel’s destruction. Irresponsible actions like this jeopardize the lives of over 7 million Israelis, and put power in the hands of those who wish to push Israel into the sea.

Bottomline? Coldplay needs to do more. Specifically, Coldplay needs delete their tweet promoting the band, and refrain from this type of public support in the future. Act for Israel will continue getting the word out until Coldplay is no longer publicly promoting music videos that incite hate and violence towards Israelis.

Jennifer Hanin is an Act For Israel founder, blogger and author of Becoming Jewish.
Jennifer Hanin

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