Act For Israel Commends Greece

By Jennifer Hanin, July 7, 2011

Greek Democracy History 1 300x240 Act For Israel Commends GreeceIt’s important for the pro-Israel community to acknowledge countries like Greece who denounce terror and stand up for democracy. Here is the letter of appreciation we sent the Greek Embassy to the US minutes ago:

Act for Israel extends our deepest appreciation for the fine efforts the Greek government and its Coast Guard are making in intercepting flotillas who feel breaching a counter-terrorism naval blockade to deliver aspirin is helpful. Today’s headline in the Jerusalem Post which read Greece stops French Gaza flotilla near Crete was a huge relief. Reading how the Hellenic Coast Guard stopped the third flotilla, ironically named “Dignity,” is a blessing to over 7 million Israelis and hundreds of millions of pro-Israel supporters worldwide.

It couldn’t be any clearer that these disingenuous attempts brought via sea, and now via air, are not only counterproductive but violate international law. Unnecessary actions like refusing the offer by Greek officials and the United Nations to deliver aid to Gaza to announcing a hunger strike to ratcheting up an airborne campaign has made a mockery of the organizers while diminishing world respect for them. Their brouhaha “on behalf of Gazans” has cast a needed spotlight on the organizers’ ties to terrorist organizations, and shown all to be tied to Hamas’ terrorist regime. These seemingly endless shenanigans have backfired, proving groups supporting terror will go to great lengths to further Hamas’ political objectives.

The actions by Greece to stop Gaza-bound flotillas support a slew of countries and entities who have publicly acknowledged flotillas are unhelpful. Israel is the victim of an unjust and manufactured campaign bent on her destruction. Hamas’ Charter shows just how deep this hatred runs.

The anti-Israel Free Gaza Movement relies on historical inaccuracies, invented “humanitarian crises,” falsified photos, fictitious accounts, libelous interviews and staged videos to delegitimize Israel. Their efforts are promulgated by Hamas via an umbilical cord of hate, and their goal is the complete eradication of Israel. Their followers often deny the Holocaust, extol “virtues” of Hitler’s efforts to annihilate Jews, and have yet to recognize Israel on their maps, even though it is one of the most educated, productive and progressive countries in the world.

Yet, the facts are on Israel’s side as it’s the only democratic country in the Middle East. All Israelis regardless of religious denomination have equal rights. All Israelis enjoy freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of sexual orientation, and all liberties and freedoms Americans and other democracies hold dear. These freedoms are non-existent in the rest of the Middle East, especially in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Once again, Act For Israel commends Greece for staying true to its democratic roots by docking terror in its wake and keeping democracy and peace prospects alive.



Jennifer Hanin
Act for Israel
5042 Wilshire Boulevard, # 13938
Los Angeles, CA  90036  USA
(323) 209-5ACT


Thank You Greece



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Jennifer Hanin

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