Judea and Samaria1 172x300 What They Dont Want You to Know About the West BankMuch has been made of who owns the West Bank (AKA Judea and Samaria) the last two decades. Luckily, the facts have always been on Israel’s side. Most have little knowledge that the terms West Bank, were coined by Jordan during its illegal occupation.  In fact, the Arab League to our knowledge rarely, if ever, mentions Jordan controlled this land with a mighty fist for two decades. Fewer, know that the West Bank was known as Judea and Samaria for thousands of years, the birthplace of Judaism. And how many know that Jews were forbidden to live in the West Bank during Jordan’s illegal occupation during 1947 -1967?

Likely even less, know there has NEVER been an Arab state called Palestine. For the green line? View the 10 Unknown West Bank Facts below:





Video credit: Stand with Us
Jennifer Hanin

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