Action Alert: Tell CNN to fire Shahira Amin

By Sharone Levinson, October 21, 2011

shalithamasinterview 222x3001 Action Alert: Tell CNN to fire Shahira Amin

Egyptian journalist Shahira Amin conducted a forced, demeaning and immoral interview with Gilad Shalit just before he was released from five years of captivity by the terrorist organization Hamas. This gross violation of Gilad Shalit’s rights, and human decency, could possibly amount to torture and be punishable by law.

During the interview Shalit was so tired and weak from his mistreatment in captivity that he was hardly able to answer Amin’s questions. Masked Hamas men were in the room during the interview.

You can read more about the interview and watch the video on our blog posting or at Honest Reporting’s analysis of the incident.

Shahira Amin is a journalist for CNN. Amin proved yesterday that not only can she not be trusted to fairly report the news but that she may even be complicit in greater crimes.
In order for CNN to deliver fair and unbiased news coverage of the Middle East they must drop Shahira Amin as a journalist.

Send an email to CNN today telling them that they cannot continue to employ a “journalist” who is willing to torment a scared and sick boy.
Here is the link to contact CNN: CNN News Room

Sample Letter

(You may highlight/select and copy… paste into your message to CNN)

Dear News Editor,

CNN reporter Shahira Amin violated all journalistic standards and human decency during her forced interview of the released Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Her claims that the scared and sick soldier was not under duress at the time simply do not match the facts or fit with the video she has released of the interview.

With armed Hamas gunmen nearby and a masked Hamas terrorist in the room it is obvious that Shalit had no choice but to agree to the interview and answer questions in a way so as to not upset the terrorists around him. Looking sick from over five years of mistreatment by Hamas terrorists, Shalit obviously barely had enough energy to conduct the interview. Shalit’s breathing was labored and he had trouble composing himself.

As a respected international news organization CNN must immediately cease to work with the disgraced journalist Shahira Amin. If CNN’s trusted word is to remain just that it cannot continue its relationship with a journalist who is willing to torment a scared and abused prisoner and delay his release. Amin violated what of the most fundamental rules of journalism by becoming part of and influencing the story rather than reporting on it. Shahira Amin’s actions have proven that she cannot accurately and fairly report from the Middle East and it would be unbefitting of CNN to publish her biased work. I ask you to immediately and unconditionally end CNN’s agreement with Amin.

Your support and participation is deeply appreciated.  Let’s make a difference!


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6 Responses to Action Alert: Tell CNN to fire Shahira Amin

  1. Gkadey says:

    This is my letter, I have not called for her to be fired, I’m pretty sure that someone higher up told her to do the story.

    “Notwithstanding your long time bias towards Israel, I have often tuned in to CNN to find out what’s happening in the world.

    I find your bias to be repugnant, but when you are a slave to money and need to “get the scoop” on the next guy, hey – I suppose anything goes.

    Until now.

    To hold a (forced) interview with a prisoner who has been in isolation for 5 years – before he has even seen his family, is one of the most callous acts that I have heard of.

    That your reporter would do such an interview shows how little humanity the paparazzi actually lack. For you guys to sanction such an act is maybe even worse.

    The usual excuse for the press’ impatience and pushiness is that the public deserves to know the truth.

    What truth exactly, did you guys expect to find here, or did you see it as an opportunity to air some more of your anti Israel vitriol?

    Did you expect honest answers from a man who has a gun to his head.

    Put yourselves in his shoes, where is your humanity, you disgust me!

  2. osi gilboa says:

    אם אתם רוצים לראות את הכתבת המצרית שראיינה את שליט מפוטרת מהעבודה שלה ב-CNN זההמקום לכתוב להם על זה

  3. Anonymous says:

    Shocking to think that CNN would lower their standards to use the services of reporter Shahira Amin
    who knowingly forced Gilead Shalit to take part in this interview, surrounded by his terrorist captors, when it was so very obvious to all and sundry that Gilead was sick due to his 5 years in captivity at the hands of these monsters.  Amin is not worthy of carrying the banner of journalism in a fair and unbiased manner and should no longer be employed by CNN.  Further she must now be held accountable for helping to prolong Gilead Shalit’s suffering for the sake of her EGO.

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  5. [...] support and participation is deeply appreciated.  Let’s make a difference! via GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); [...]

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