Nuclear Iran 300x201 Iran Won An Oscar Yet Keeps Losing Public Opinion Elsewhere

By Jennifer Hanin

Iran’s state TV touted the country’s first foreign film Oscar win Monday as a victory over archenemy Israel. The state TV broadcast stated the award succeeded in “leaving behind” a film from the “Zionist regime.”  The state reaction was childish and spiteful but also an expected move by Iranian state-run media in Tehran.

But what Iran is ignoring as it rejoices in the effervescence of paparazzi and positive media is that international sanctions against it still scream grave disapproval over Iran’s nuclear program. Unfortunately, no Oscar win can change the noncompliance, covert actions and dangerous course the Islamic regime has taken.

Just today, Market Watch reported that Iran’s nuclear activity boosted crude oil prices. That means crude oil prices have hit highest increase since April 2011 at $120 a barrel. Experts estimate for every $1 increase in the price of a barrel of crude oil consumers can expect to pay 2.5 cents more per gallon of gasoline.

So when the honeymoon phase is over and A Separation is out on DVD, let’s not forget the danger Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is putting Israel, the US and the rest of the world in with his inability to comply with nuclear watchdogs like the IAEA. Nuclear programs that are “peaceful” and for “medical purposes” as Ahmadinejad claims would have no qualms over letting IAEA inspectors in to visit.

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Jennifer Hanin

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