Harvard is Giving Terror a Microphone

By Jennifer Hanin, March 1, 2012

Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, and the first corporation (under The President and Fellows of Harvard College) chartered in the country. It’s history, influence, and wealth have made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world until recently.

Now, Harvard is on a path that could dramatically change its legacy by holding a Hatefest on March 3 and 4, and by hosting radical anti-Israel advocates who aim to undermine the Jewish State of Israel. Are these the kind of anti-American, anti-Israel hate-mongers Harvard wants to be remembered for?

Act for Israel is challenging Harvard to rethink their current hatefest. The speakers onboard are well-know for their philosophy supporting terror and ending Israel as we know it. Free speech is one thing but hatred and violence are not commodities an Ivy league university like Harvard wants to be known for.

There’s only ONE day left for Harvard to cancel their scheduled One-State Hatefest. Harvard received significant donations from Saudi Princes and other wealthy Arabs in 2005 (CAMERA). Does Harvard have the caliber and wherewithal to say no to terror? The clock is ticking.

Help Act For Israel convince Harvard to forego this hatefest to destroy Israel as we know it. Contact the university’s dean HERE and ask your friend to do the same.

Photo credit: David Horowitz Freedom Center (compliments of @LeaSavoy)
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