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By Jennifer Hanin, March 8, 2012

Sometimes it takes an unconventional approach to build better futures. Israeli President Shimon Peres is doing just that by outstretching the olive branch of peace to citizens across the world.

Noticing how young people used the social revolution in the Middle East to springboard their calls for a better way of life, Peres is using Facebook to ask citizens of the world to be his friend, speak up and share the peace. Isn’t your future worth it?

Moves like this over his entire lifespan exemplify why Peres will receive the Medal of Freedom Honor this spring. Recently, when asked in San Francisco about the threat of war with Iran, Peres stressed the need to exhaust all “bloodless” options, such as the current economic sanctions being imposed on the country, before launching any attacks.

Video credit: Noy Alooshe Remix Video
Jennifer Hanin

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