Would YOUR Country Allow This?

By Jennifer Hanin, March 14, 2012

Many don’t realize that families in southern Israel and specifically Sderot, have lived in a war zone for the last eight years. Ask yourself, would your country allow this? Hamas is launching Kassam rockets towards densely populated areas. To date, 6000 rockets have landed in Sderot. The video does a good job of showing how Israelis have only seconds to run for their life. Could you do that on a daily basis?

The biggest culprit? Iran, of course. Iran has its tentacles of terror spread wide and far. It is the sugar daddy for its terror proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah. While Israel has operated under a policy of restraint for many years, there is no question no one deserves to live in a constant state of war.

Please share and pass on. Help Act For Israel get the word out.

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Jennifer Hanin

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