Terror In Toulouse

By Gal Sitty, March 19, 2012

120319115802 france shooting horizontal gallery 250x140 Terror In ToulouseThis morning the Jewish community in France, and around the world, was greeted with the difficult news of a brazen attack against their own in Toulouse, France. Yonathan Sandler, a 30 year old teacher from Jerusalem and his two children, a three year old and a six year old, were murdered in cold blood by an unknown assailant. Miriam Monstago, the eight year daughter of the school’s principal was also murdered in the attack.

French authorities were quick to condemn the attack, as were Israeli leaders who expressed shock at the targeting of Jewish children. French officials also disclosed that the gun used in today’s attack appears to be the same one used in recent attacks against French soldiers in the area around Toulouse.

Regardless of who carried out the attack, the person’s motives, methods or ideology what is known about the incident thus far highlights again the dangers of anti-Semitism. When many extremists, such as President Ahmedinejad, some radical clerics, neo-Nazis and ignorant people from all backgrounds continue to spew hatred and justify violence they only embolden others to act with such recklessness.

Today’s attack proves that words are dangerous. They can lead to escalations and empower the weak  minded to violently act out by arming them with blatantly false and ethically illogical excuses. However, words can also be used to stop such terrorist acts and spread peace and understanding. If the voices of reason and understanding remain louder and stronger than the voices of hatred and violence, more and more people will understand the error of such heinous acts. This is why people must continue to speak up for peace, justice and understanding. This is why I Act For Israel and this why I encourage all to join me in speaking out and acting against violence and ignorance.

Photo credit: CNN
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