How Israel Is Creating A Cleaner Future

By Gal Sitty, April 4, 2012
solar water heaters on roof 250x141 How Israel Is Creating A Cleaner Future

90% of Israeli homes have solar powered water heaters

A recent global report by the Cleantech Group and the World Wildlife Fund ranks Israel second in the world in its clean technology prowess. Ranked just behind Denmark, Israel actually surpasses the nordic nation in the subcategory titled “Evidence of Emerging Clean-tech Innovation” suggesting that Israel may possibly become the World leader in the field.

Israel’s lead in clean technology should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the country. The tiny nation, with precious few natural resources of its own, is a highly modernized society with extensive energy demands. Securing a safe and reliable source of energy from abroad has always been a difficult task for Israel with extreme national security implications.

Much like how in the United States there is a growing realization that dependence on foreign oil is not only bad for our environment, but it also hurts our pocket books and our national security, Israel has come to this realization as well and has invested heavily to correct this systematic problem. Focusing on what it does have, and what it can achieve, Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators, aided in part by the state, have quickly shifted their focus to making Israel self-sustainable.

Thus Israeli companies are developing at a breakneck pace innovations such as treating sewage water with “fuel-cell” like algae containers that not only fully clean the water but actually creates energy while doing so. They have developed windows for office buildings that double as solar panels. Electric cars that have “switchable” batteries, hence not needing eight hours to recharge, are now on Israeli highways. Israeli farmers have mastered the art of creating the most productive farms in the world using the least amount of water.

All these technologies pay dividends not just to Israel but to the world. By creating clean processes for doing the things we do every day, such as driving, we will all soon have the tools to continue to live the lives we live, but do so in such a way that our children, grandchildren and beyond will be able to do so as well.

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