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 The Dream of Success: How Israel and the United States Make it Happen, Part IIThe roots of success are found in a civil society and the rule of law.  In America and Israel, hateful speech is met not with violence, but with counter arguments, moral suasion, and sanction. Anecdotally, when swastikas began to trend on twitter, the Times of Israel held a public debate on the matter in which one of the commentators said that she was “definitely not happy with the idea of banning the [swastika] hashtag because … dealing with things we don’t like by banning them is more a Nazi thing than a free world thing.”  Ultimately, the Times of Israel agreed and called for users to display the Star of David in reply.

Both America and Israel see freedom to speak one’s mind as a natural right, and that the best cure for hatred and ignorance is sunlight.

This manifests in several ways.  This sunlight means that the government cannot arbitrarily seize private property.  America and Israel allow people to profit from their labor and to keep what they’ve earned.  This is a cornerstone to America’s wealth, and more than that, it is a moral good.  As Lincoln said in opposition to slavery “…in her natural right to eat the bread she earns with her own hands without asking leave of any one else, she is my equal, and the equal of all others;” all people have a right to work hard, succeed if they can, and enjoy the fruit of their labors.

Israel has a long tradition of entrepreneurship, a word intimately tied to the American dream.  Entrepreneurs employ others and embody the ethos of being one’s own boss, seizing success, and caring for one’s family.  Israel recently was named one of the top places in the world for research by The Scientist magazine.  More than prosperity, Israeli scientists are working to improve the world by researching cancer treatments and converting waste into recyclable material.  Entrepreneurs in both Israel and America pursue not just wealth or acclaim, but are working to make the world a better place for all people to live.

James Legee

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