Israel Under Fire

By Sharone Levinson, September 10, 2013



More than half a million Israelis have less than 60 seconds to find shelter once a rocket from #Gaza heads towards #Israel

Israelis near #Gaza have only 15 seconds to find shelter after the alarm sounds #Israel

Imagine if your family was the target of 60,000 rockets in the hands of a terror org. What would you do? #Israel

Rockets from #Gaza are real & already struck major population centers in #Israel

More than 1 million Israelis live under the threat of rocket attacks from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip #Israel

Why are there less Israeli casualties in Gaza-Israel fighting? Because unlike Hamas, #Israel actually protects citizens

#Israel uprooted tens of thousands of its citizens from #Gaza for peace and got a barrage of rocket attacks in return

As terrorists continue to target civilians in #Israel, the IDF continues to protect

Would YOUR country allow incoming missiles from Iran’s proxies? #Israel #iran

Stronger sanctions on #Iran could prevent it from financing its terror proxies #Hamas and #Hezbollah

Remember how the #UN praised Quaddafi’s HWR record while repeatedly failing to condemn Hamas? #Israel

Do you know where your nearest bomb shelter is? Israelis have 15 seconds to find it after they hear a siren #Israel

Terrorists in #Gaza aim their rockets at densely populated cities so they can maximize civilian casualties 

The same Israeli hospitals that treat #Palestinians  are being reinforced to protect them from Palestinian rockets

The IDF places itself between civilians & enemy fire while #Hamas places its civilians as human shields #Israel

How many nights would you spend in bomb shelters, before expecting your government to intervene? #Israel

Rockets are not a tool of defense, their only purpose is to kill & terrorize all within its range #Israel

#Hamas refuses to provide enough electricity for #Gaza yet seems to have an endless supply of deadly rockets for #Israel

#Israel maintains the lowest civilian casualty ratio in modern warfare, yet #Hamas is committed to hold the highest

If #Hamas would spend money on #Gaza rather than extending rocket ranges #Israel would not need to supply 70% of its electricity

Up to 15% of Hamas rockets land within #Gaza showing that terrorists have no regard for Palestinian civilians either

Instead of spending its money on education, #Hamas spends on firing rockets from schools in #Gaza to hit schools in #Israel

Instead of investing in healthcare, #Hamas invests in rockets targeting hospitals in #Israel & hidden near hospitals in #Gaza


Sharone Levinson

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