To become the number #1 organization representing Israel in the digital media world.


Act For Israel is committed to representing Israel’s interests through the use of new media; to empowering pro-Israel activists to educate others; and to strengthening the ties between Israel and the World through shared interests.


Israel’s fights are no longer just on the battlefield. They are on the internet. Every day, tens of thousands of anti-Zionists take their messages of hate and delegitimization to Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and more. Most spout Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian propaganda, and their efforts are polarizing the media and the world against Israel. Act for Israel will turn the tide in Israel’s favor.

We believe that Israel has a fundamental right to live in peace with security; we also believe that all people must live in dignity. Our goal is to share this centrist position with media, bloggers, government officials, Israel activists and more, and to help bring about public support of Israel and its vital role in the Middle East. We aim to end demonization, stop delegitimization, and create a new, positive view of Israel.

We’ve watched other pro-Israel groups attempt to master the internet and have found their efforts lacking. In other organizations, members talk amongst themselves. They produce useful information, but don’t aid their members in communicating it broadly, rapidly or consistently. They organize rallies, but not campaigns. They have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a web page, or all three, but don’t integrate them seamlessly. Most importantly, they don’t recognize that their members’ time is valuable. On the web, speed matters.

The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese from the trap. To that end, Act for Israel will be the preeminent online activism group for Israel. We will accomplish this through the caliber of our team, the strength of our technology, the structure of our organization, and the passion of our effort.

Our team is comprised of some of the most influential, knowledgeable and passionate pro-Israel forces on the web today. We are professionals: business people, social media and internet experts, authors, marketers, writers, soldiers, bloggers, actors and more. We come together for Israel for one purpose only: to capture the hearts and minds of the world through the power of the web.

Some of our members are Israeli. Some are American. Some are Jews and some are Christians. Some have never even stepped foot in Israel. But we all are ready to Act for Israel. Are You?


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