Arik Arad – Chairman

ArikArad Leadership

Arik Arad has over 25 years of experience in the security and defense sectors where he has been instrumental in creating and implementing new security guidelines, programs and concepts in the international, domestic and private sector as well as collaborating with governmental entities in Israel, the U.S. and Canada.

Previous posts include Head of Security for El Al, Ben Gurion Airport; Head of Security for the Shopping Centers Associations of Israel; CEO, International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) USA; and Israeli Consul for Special Missions, Israeli Consulate, Canada.

Mr. Arad also brings a wealth of business development experience including identifying potential acquisitions, conducting due diligence as well as managing acquired companies.

At the request of former President Bush (Sr.), Mr. Arad served on the Presidential Committee on Aviation, and participated in several congressional committee hearings on the subject.

Mr. Arad is a graduate of the International Seminar Management Program (ISMP) of the Harvard Business School and holds a BSc. in psychology and political sciences from the Haifa University in Israel.


Lt. General (ret) Gabi Ashkenazi

GabiAshkenazi Leadership

In 2011, General Gabi Ashkenazi completed a 40 year distinguished military career as the 19th Chief of Staff of Israel. In his role, General Ashkenazi served among others as the commander of the Golani Brigade, Head of the Northern command and Deputy Chief of the General Staff. General Ashkenazi served as the Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Defense prior his nomination for the Chief of Staff.

In 2008, General Ashkenazi was awarded The Legion of Merit from the United States Armed Forces for exceptional meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements, and granted an honorary Doctorate from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

General Ashkenazi is a graduate of the Harvard Business Management Program for senior executives, and holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of Haifa, Israel.


Noa Tishby – Founder

noa tishby Leadership
In her homeland of Israel, Noa Tishby’s name is synonymous with stardom. An actress and a producer, Tishby got her first big break at 16 playing the lead in the hit original musical King David, She got a full drama scholarship to the Tel Aviv National Museum of Arts and went on to play the lead in the nation’s highest rated prime time drama Ramat Aviv. Tishby became a household name and appeared in numerous TV shows, Musicals and films in Israel and the US, among them The Island, The Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Big Love, The Deep End, NCIS, Leverage, CSI, Nip/Tuck, The 4400, Las Vegas and Star Trek: Enterprise.

As a producer, Tishby made history with the sale of In Treatment to HBO, as the first Israeli television show to become an American series. Tishby serves as co-executive producer alongside Mark Wahlberg. Gabriel Byrne and Dianne Weist star in this revolutionary Emmy Golden Globe and Peabody Award winning drama. Ultimately, by selling In Treatment, Tishby created an industry in America where one did not exist before: Israeli entertainment content in the US market.

Tishby recently set up three additional television projects in the US: Screenz and A Touch Away for HBO and a comedy for MTV. Tishby’s company, “Noa’s Arc”, owns the rights and is developing numerous television, film and theater projects from Israel and the world.

Politically savvy and passionate, she served in the Israeli army for two and a half years and is a Member of AIPAC, The Israeli Consulate Speakers Bureau, “Summit Series” organization for young entrepreneurs, ILC (Israeli Leadership Council) and a mentor for Women In Film. Born in Tel Aviv, Tishby now lives in Los Angeles.


Sharone Levinson – Founder & Executive Director

Sharone Leadership

Sharone is the founder and CEO of WorldFlash Software,Inc, a company that develops Intelligent Agent software applications.  Prior to founding WorldFlash, Sharone was Director of Marketing at Steimatzky Rom-Tech, a retail operation of 134 stores in the State of Israel. During her time at Steimatzky Rom-Tech, Sharone conceived, implemented and led a national direct marketing and sales infrastructure to distribute the company’s specialty of personal wireless communication devices.

Prior to Steimatzky Rom-Tech, Sharone was VP of Marketing and Sales for ECO (US) Inc. Her focus was on securing funds for large commercial real estate ventures, overseeing the successful national and international sales team, implementation, design and completion of various marketing programs including national direct mail campaigns, and traditional media strategies.

Prior to ECO, Sharone was VP of Business Development for CNO, a commercial development organization where she secured funds for real estate ventures, managed operational budgets and oversaw the execution and completion of the company’s projects.

Sharone received a BFA from the world-renowned Academy of Arts in San Francisco.

While Sharone is a proud American citizen, she grew up in a family with a long tradition of Jewish and pro-Israel activism.  Her grandfather, Zeev Levinson was one of the first founders of the Israeli Air Force.  He was killed while flying on a mission for the Haganah a day before the declaration of the state of Israel by the United Nations. Other members of her family came to Israel on the Exodus, and others took active part in the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish revolt. Sharone’s father was the founder of the Beer Sheva Chambers of commerce. He proudly helped to host President Saadat during his historic visit to Israel in 1977.

From an early age, this background filled Sharone with a deep love and connection to the state of Israel.  For the past few years, Sharone has been dismayed by the efficient and organized use of the Internet to spread misinformation and lies about Israel.  After the 2010 Gaza Flotilla incident, Sharone decided to commit her knowledge and experience to ensure that Israel has a clear and noticeable voice in the digital realm.


S. Daniel Leon – Founder

Daniel 174x300 Leadership

Daniel (Shlomi to his family and friends) is a passionate Israeli Activist and aspiring entrepreneur. He moved to the US in 1996 after completing a three-year mandatory army service to pursue his undergraduate degree. Throughout his time in the US, Daniel worked to advance Israel’s interest and to bring Israelis and Americans together.

While at Santa Monica College (SMC), Daniel ran for Associate Student President and, after losing the race, went on to build a better place for his fellow students by founding the college’s first Rotary club. At SMC, he was active with the local AIPAC club. In the summer of 1998, he spent a few months interning at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He continued making a difference at Brown University where he became active in student life, and founded the University’s first investment group and his first startup.

After graduating in 2000, Daniel moved to Chicago where he worked as VP for the Gallup Organization. In Chicago, Daniel was instrumental in building the city’s Israeli center and later founded EXIST – Chicago’s largest pro-Israel grass roots organization. With his EXIST’s co-founders, Daniel organized massive rallies on Michigan Ave, appeared on panels and TV often, educating fellow Chicagoans on Israel and the Middle East conflict.

In 2004, Daniel moved to Philadelphia to work for a local startup. While there, Daniel created PhillyIsraelim (the local Israeli center), and founded and led the Liberty Club of AIPAC. He was one of the founders & Chairs of the Emerging Leaders Division of the American-Israel chamber of commerce, where he sits on the board of directors.

Daniel pays the bills by dabbling in Governing Dynamics, where he is a partner and Entrepreneur in Residence, running corporate development initiatives for a portfolio company.
Daniel holds an Economics degree from Brown University. He lives part-time on planes between NY, LA and Tel-Aviv.


Roy Arad -Director of Development & Investor Relations


3865938 300x300 LeadershipThe modern economy has been drastically reshaped by two main forces, technology and internationalization—two dynamics that Roy Arad knows intimately well.  A business development executive and entrepreneurial advisor, Arad is an expert at evaluating market opportunities and putting the plans, resources, and people together to capitalize on these windows of economic potential.  Drawing upon dual degrees from New York Institute of Technology and Israel’s Ruppin Academy, he currently serves on the executive committee of Act for Israel with responsibility for leading the organization’s activities in the areas of Development and Investor Relations in the East coast and Israel.

Arad’s corporate background began on the technical side, working as a Systems Administrator and Information Technology Manager for a key Computer Division of the Israeli Defense Force.  His leadership and communication skills, however, quickly drew him into the entrepreneurial world, where he co-founded Tigon Software in 2003 and helped grow the company through successful deals with,, and This entrepreneurial acumen is also the trademark of his current role as Vice President of Business Development for Arocon Consulting, where he helps international companies make the right connections to raise funding, gain a foothold in the U.S. market, and localize their products effectively for American consumers.

In addition to the above roles, Arad was also honored with an appointment as Treasury Manager and Procurement Manager for the Government of Israel, where he spent four years overseeing billions of dollars in trade activity between the Israeli and U.S. governments.  In this capacity, he worked closely with senior U.S. government officials and Fortune 500 executives from companies such as Boeing, Dell, Lockheed Martin, and IBM, gaining an in-depth understanding of the federal contracting process and the way business is done on a global, government-to-government scale.  He also serves as an Advisory Board Member with New York Institute of Technology’s School of Business, where he mentors aspiring young entrepreneurs and plays a role in helping the school deliver cutting-edge business curriculum.



Aaron Eitan Meyer

Meyer Headshot 11 2010 Leadership

Aaron Eitan Meyer is a consultant, analyst and researcher. He is legal correspondent for the Terror Finance Blog, an advisory board member for the digital advocacy group Act for Israel and a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ Noncommercial Users Constituency. He has served as research director of The Lawfare Project, director of research for the Children’s Rights Institute, and assistant director of the Legal Project at the Middle East Forum. He received his B.A. from New School University, and his J.D. from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center. He coauthored Lawfare: The War Against Free Speech: A First Amendment Guide for Reporting in an Age of Islamist Lawfare, as well as numerous articles dealing with lawfare, terrorism/terror finance, and other emerging concepts in non-traditional warfare.




Gil Levy 

IMG 5596 300x257 Leadership
Gil Levy is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of ECommerce Partners, a respected leader in Ecommerce development that is headquartered in New York City. A boundlessly energetic and highly professional entrepreneur, Gil is also well known as a software and Ecommerce guru.

Gil discovered his passion for IT early on as a child in Natanya with a Commodore 64. While serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), he developed a revolutionary time scheduling solution for soldiers that is still in use today. After moving to New York in 1992, Gil held various leadership positions at premier technology outfits. Before founding Ecommerce Partners, he was Chief Operating Officer at, a Netscape consulting firm. Prior to that he served as Chief Technology Officer at Worldwide Corporate Network where he organized the first-ever online trade conference, broadcast live from Bloomberg Studio. Today, he continues to leverage his vast expertise in technology and Internet marketing to transform client websites into profit centers.

He is also the founder of Ecommerce Outtakes, a daily blog focused on improving usability and the Ecommerce experience. Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.


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