Digital Media Relations

People get their news from any number of sources today: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more.

Outreach Digital Media RelationsOur Digital Media Relations Team will work to ensure that pro-Israel viewpoints are represented wherever people turn for news. Maybe you have your own blog or YouTube Channel, or maybe you comment on others’ posts from a pro-Israel perspective. Perhaps you have a relationship with a prominent blogger in your community, or with an online reporter for your the TV station. All of these activities are critical components of Act for Israel’s efforts.

Our media savvy activists play significant leadership roles by coordinating messages and pushing out Act for Israel-generated content to digital media, bloggers, Jewish groups, political organizations, synagogues, churches and any association that is pro-Israel. We rely on passionate activists to aid Israel by creating a broad digital footprint for the only democracy in the Middle East.


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