Help Get Palestinian Terrorists OFF THE US PAYROLL

By Jennifer Hanin, July 27, 2011

Did you know the US is indirectly paying salaries for jailed Palestinian terrorists? Currently, the PA spends over $5 million a month from a US-provided budget in salaries to terrorists in Israeli prisons. 18 U.S.C. § 2339B18 states its illegal to give material assistance to terrorist organizations and their assigns. We need you to right [...]

Thank Greece for Stopping the Flotilla

By Adam Hanin, July 8, 2011

The Greek Government recently put a stop to the anti-Israel flotilla by refusing to allow any of the boats to leave their ports. Read OUR note to them here and fill out the form below to send an email that lets Greece know you appreciate their actions!

Learn Who is Behind the Flotilla and WHY

By Jennifer Hanin, June 28, 2011

Ever wonder who is behind the attempts to breach Israel’s counter-terror naval blockade of the Gaza Strip, and why? Look no further. Please read and share:      

Oppose Palestinian Unilateral Declaration NOW

By Jennifer Hanin, June 23, 2011

The new Palestinian Authority government, which now includes the terrorist entity Hamas, has pledged to bypass negotiations and declare a state unilaterally – and they’re counting on a vote at the UN to make it official. We have all followed these developments with a growing sense of alarm. Today, we are happy to report that [...]

Demand Apple remove iPad app calling 4 a third intifada

By Jennifer Hanin, June 21, 2011

We cannot ignore corporations who openly vet apps that advocate violence of ANY group. Educate Apple and tell them to remove their app calling for a third intifada: Tell an Apple executive that you won’t tolerate it via: Twitter: @forstall Tell Apple that you won’t tolerate it via Facebook: Pressure Apple to remove the [...]

Educate & Boycott Coldplay NOW

By Jennifer Hanin, June 1, 2011

The band Coldplay promoted a disturbing musical video tribute to Palestinians posted in, showing that the band has little grasp of the realities on the ground regarding in Israel. Are they promoting a tribute to Israelis that get bombed regularly by Palestinians? Does this mean Coldplay supports terrorism? We urge you to educate Coldplay [...]

Thank Canadian Prime Minister for his Ongoing Support of Israel

By Jennifer Hanin, May 31, 2011

Israel is the only country in the world where its legitimacy and even its existence is constantly under attack. Luckily, when Canadian Prime Minister came into office, we saw a welter of support for the Jewish State coming from Ottawa. Act for Israel is committed to exposing delegitimization towards the State of Israel and conveying [...]

Action Alert: Nakba – Tweet these Points

By Jennifer Hanin, May 15, 2011

Palestinians are out in record numbers this weekend mourning the creation of Israel. Yet, Act For Israel says this is no way to make peace. By continuing to recycle hatred and violence towards Israelis and Jews worldwide, we are seeing the same kind of propaganda and delegitimization used against Jews by the Nazis. We ask [...]

Say NO to Hate Week at UC Irvine

By Jennifer Hanin, May 10, 2011

Together, we need to eradicate Hate Week from UC Irvine (and all campuses for that matter). Hate Week is sponsored by the Muslim Student’s Union, a group that is incidentally banned from UC Irvine this year for it’s egregious conduct, which led to nearly dozen arrests last year when U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Michael Oren [...]

Tell Fiat to STOP Doing Business with Iran

By Jennifer Hanin, April 21, 2011

It is neither acceptable nor responsible for Fiat to do business with Iran. Fiat is violating international law by selling cars to this repressive regime. Furthermore, members of this regime use Fiat vehicles to transport missiles and stage public executions. And who can forget that Iran is the world leader is child executions? We need [...]