Wikipedia is Biased? It CAN’T be. Can It?

By Adam Hanin, November 22, 2010

Image via CrunchBase In a recent article in the Journal of Information Technology and Politics, authors Andre Oboler, Gerald Steinberg and Rephael Stern demonstrate how Wikipedia’s efforts to maintain a neutral point of view have devolved into what they call “criticism elimination,” particularly in definition of political issues and groups. Many have known of inherent [...]

The Wiki Pan – Arabism Page (

By Jennifer Hanin, September 1, 2010

PAN-ARABISM’S RACISM AND WIKIPEDIA BIAS  Compiled and edited by Bernice Lipkin INTRODUCTION This essay is on and from an article in Wikipedia, entitled The Wiki Pan – Arabism page It presents data on historical and present-day bigoted Arabism. Find it at Much of this essay comes from “The Wikipedia Pan-Arabism page”[1] and [...]

Righting a 10-Yr.- Old Wrong

By Jennifer Hanin, September 1, 2010

In its incessant efforts to delegitimitize and vilify Israel, much of the mainstream media has done its best to either ignore or twist facts, or just plain neglect to do its homework.  In 2000, the New York Times printed the picture of a bloodied Palestinian youth crumpled on the ground before a fierce, club-wielding Israeli [...]