Debating Flotilla Fans

By Jennifer Hanin, September 23, 2011

Myth: Israel is an “occupier” who is committing human rights violations against Gazans with its oppressive blockade. Fact: The Israeli government implemented a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip to protect Israeli citizens who were the target of repeated Hamas-led terrorist attacks. The maritime blockade limits Hamas’s ability to smuggle arms via sea. Hamas governs Gaza and [...]

Debating Unilateral Declaration of Independence Fans

By Jennifer Hanin, September 23, 2011

Palestinian authority leader Mahmoud Abbas stated he ask the UN Security Council for recognition of Palestinian statehood next week. But this request is coming without a previously-negotiated settlement with Israel. While many UN members have stated they’ll support the Palestinian request, key players like the US have made it clear they will veto any such [...]

Debating Those Claiming Israel Does Not Want Peace

By Jennifer Hanin, September 23, 2011”>httpv://

httpv:// The one elusive dream of a future where Israeli and Arab children can live without the threat of war and fear of terrorism unites all Israelis. Yet, it’s the long history of failed negotiations with the Palestinians that proves yearning for peace is not enough. To its credit, Israel has presented far-reaching peace proposals, [...]

Debating BDS Fans

By Jennifer Hanin, September 23, 2011

BDS stands for “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” (pro-Israel activists refer to it as the Blacklist, Demonize and Slander Movement) and is championed by a group of Palestinian organizations, which seeks to apply economic pressure on Israel through various means. The BDS movement is guilty of spreading misinformation, vicious lies and wild accusations that Israelis are [...]

Debating Hezbollah Fans

By Jennifer Hanin, September 23, 2011

Hezbollah means “Party of God,” and is an organization of Shiite militants in Lebanon that opposes Israel (and the US) Its primary mission is to destroy the state of Israel and, in the process, to murder as many Jews as possible. Describing itself as “an Islamic struggle movement,” Hezbollah condemns “the Zionist occupation of Palestine” [...]