Just what the world needs: another website that discusses Israel and its issues. Yet, we had to. We believe that in today’s world people seek information that is synthesized, up-to-date and actionable. Information that highlights the most important aspect of the issues in minutes so activists can share those with others.

This is why Act For Israel is developing a unique knowledge platform ‘by activists and for activists.’ Our success relies on dedicated volunteers that are passionate about Israel and committed to updating pressing issues daily. The platform also leverages today’s technology, like no other. Activists can easily share information quickly and efficiently. We are in the process of making it simpler than ever before for individuals to advocate for Israel.

Perhaps the greatest threat to safety & security is Iran and its leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran’s sabre rattling is getting louder. Israel supports and actively participates in the Middle East process. So why do so many say she doesn’t? Learn the facts about peace. Israel has enemies to the North as well. Hezbollah rebels are set to attack from Lebanon and are actively addressing public opinion.
Iran Issues Peace Issues Hezbollah Issues
For 4,000 years, Israel has been the geographic center of Judaism. Now there is a move to literally wipe Israel off the map. Learn why. Understand the history and issues behind Palestinian refugees, Gaza, Hamas, Fatah, the PA and more. Israel is more than what you read in the papers. Israel is a world leader in biotechnology, software development, agriculture and more.
Deligitimization Issues Gaza Issues BehindConflict Issues

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