Refugee Reform: Counting on Peace

By Elke Weiss, June 1, 2012

Illinois Republican Representative Mark Kirk has bravely done what few others have dreamed of doing regarding the Middle East: he has taken steps for actual progress in the Palestinian refugee issue. His recent bill on documenting how many were actually displaced is one of the most humane and progressive pieces of legislation on the issue [...]

PA = PR Agency

By Jennifer Hanin, April 17, 2012

When will pro-Palestinian factions stop the theatrics and act like they really want a state? Apparently, these groups not only have oodles of time on their hands to undermine Israel with meticulous, never-ending PR stunts, but they also have a colossal pocketbook to fund countless delegitimization brouhahas. Weeks ago, Israelis had to deal with the [...]

Déjà vu All Over Again

By Jennifer Hanin, March 26, 2012

Protestors attempting to cross Israel’s border from Syria in May 2011 during “Nakba” day. I had the pleasure of being one of a handful of devoted advocates manning Act For Israel’s social media during both “Nakba,” (the annual date when Palestinians mourn the 1948 declaration of the Jewish state) and “Naksa” (marking Arab defeat and [...]

BDS: Know the Facts, NOT the Hype

By Elke Weiss, March 25, 2012

On Tuesday, March 27th, the Park Slope food coop will have a meeting to decide whether to vote on holding a referendum on the boycott of Israeli products at the store. To the members of the Park Slope Food Coop, The vote you make matters more than you think. On the surface, it matters little [...]

Coldplay is Oddly Silent to Other Global Issues

By Jennifer Hanin, June 1, 2011

by Jennifer Hanin Where was Coldplay when repressive regimes slaughtered thousands of Egyptians, Libyans or Syrians like this 13 year old boy? Where was Coldplay when Turks ethnically cleansed millions of Kurds? Where was Coldplay when Palestinian terrorists murdered the Israeli Fogel family of five, decapitating their 3 month old? Where was Coldplay when Palestinians [...]

Obama Said US Security of Israel is: “Iron Clad”

By Jennifer Hanin, May 25, 2011

Much has been said about Obama’s recent speeches. Some have congratulated the President while others have criticized him. Act for Israel knows all too well that Israel has never been a bi-partisan issue, and the Jewish State relies on support from all sides of the political spectrum to advocate for Israel. So exactly how did [...]

Concessions? Stop Padding Those Who Support Terror

By Jennifer Hanin, May 5, 2011

As Act For Israel continues addressing the lack of Palestinian concessions, Ken Blackwell, Fellow of the Academy of Public Administration and the Family Research Council, comes up with a plan. Blackwell believes  the US should back up its military action – killing bin Laden – will diplomatic action – cutting funding for the unity government [...]

How Much Terrorism Would YOUR Country Take?

By Jennifer Hanin, March 17, 2011

Somehow, the world seems to criticize Israel’s right to defend itself whether the attack comes via Qassam rockets, suicide bombers, “human rights activists” from Turkey armed with metal clubs and knifes or the latest, Charlie Manson style murders. Clearly, Israel has the right to defend its citizens from terrorists regardless of what form it comes [...]

Time to Turn the Tables (& Give Peace a Chance)

By Jennifer Hanin, March 17, 2011

We have seen it all before. Israel makes concessions and the Palestinians refuse, stall, complain and only ask for more. This occurs decade after decade in what seems like a B horror flick with no end in sight. Lots of Palestinian rejections with no inkling of peace agreement, just more terror attacks and with it, [...]

When Talks Don’t Match the Streets

By Jennifer Hanin, March 15, 2011

For years, we’ve heard too much about Israeli construction and too little about Palestinian incitement. There is no doubt that peace has to rest on foundation of tolerance and mutual respect. This cannot occur when Palestinians are inciting youth to hate Israelis and undertake horrendous acts like the grizzly murders that occurred this past weekend [...]